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21st Century Hypersonic Capabilities

Halo Engines rapidly designs revolutionary hypersonic engine prototypes from scratch.


We leverage our unique capabilities to support R&D and rapidly prototype engine hardware, accelerating our nation's critical hypersonic technology readiness levels for fieldable applications.

Engine Testing Services

Our offices are right next to the University of Central Florida's rocket and hypersonic propulsion testing facilities. We are fully equipped to accommodate your propulsion testing needs at the Propulsion and Energy Research Laboratory. 


Advanced Optical Diagnostics

Our high-speed cameras and advanced optics equipment gives us front-row viewing access to hypersonic flows, combustion, and detonation phenomena down to the microsecond.  Services include chemiluminescence, schlieren-imaging, particle-image velocimetry(PIV), planar-laser-induced-fluorescence(PLIF), and other laser-based diagnostics. 

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